HOSPITAL PATIENTS To Long Term Care Visits

HOSPITAL PATIENTS To Long Term Care Visits
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Long term care visits have become a new issue replacing hospital visits. In many cases, seniors, who need care and company, are being mistreated by being forced to go for months without visitation.

Poor Execution Of Visit Policies

Long term care facilities, in many cases, are not enforcing the execution of policies to allow visitors in a safe environment and are still keeping senior residents from the love and care they need. This is why everyone should be concerned about not being able to visit long term care residents. Please take action if your state is still doing this. If your parent or grandparent needs to go to a long-term care home would you want to be able to visit them? Could they go for 7 months or more without a visitor? Many families are going through this right now. 

We Are Not Meant To Be Alone

When God saw that Adam was lonely he created Eve so that he did not have to be alone. 

Take Action Now!!

Call or email your governor or do both. Contact your legislator, senator, congressperson. Whatever it takes. Just reach out and let everyone know this is not acceptable. 

Writer’s note: The following video reflects the old issue of no hospital visitation. But the concerns and passion are the same or magnified. If your family is experiencing this speak out and help yourself and others.

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